If the LabQuest has a lot of files (more than ~300), trying to use the LabQuest Browser in Logger Pro may report “Error communicating with LabQuest: 1. Cannot browse device.” and then disconnect from Logger Pro.

If this happens:
1) Disconnect the LabQuest from the computer
2) If the double arrows screen still show on the screen, reboot the LabQuest (for the original LabQuest use the reset button on the back of the unit, otherwise press and hold the power button until the unit turns off).
3) From the File Menu in the LabQuest App, select Delete.
4) Select one or more files to delete.
5) Press the “Delete” button.
6) Press the “Done” button.
7) Get a confirmation asking if you are sure you want to permanently delete the file, press OK .
8) Reconnect the LabQuest to the computer and try again.
(Repeat as necessary.)

This happens because the LabQuest Browser can only handle 4000 characters of file names. Note the LabQuest should be able to collect data with Logger Pro normally when that many files, the only thing that can’t be done is use the LabQuest Browser.

See How do I delete the data files that my students save to the LabQuest? for a tool to mass-delete LabQuest files.