This information pertains to the original LabQuest and LabQuest 2.

If you have a LabQuest 3, see this article.

You might see one of the following messages while trying to print from LabQuest:

Printing Failed.
Please check the printer and try again.
Printer Status: ERROR

One of these issues may be the cause for the message:

1. The printer you are trying to use is not compatible with LabQuest. Check the compatible/incompatible list at Which printers are supported in LabQuest?

2. The printer is currently in an error state because it is out of paper, out of ink/toner, a door on the printer is ajar, or there is a paper jam. Check the printer, fix the problem, and try printing again.

3. You have installed multiple printers and did not select the name of the printer that is physically connected to the LabQuest device from the Print Options dialog.