This information pertains to the original LabQuest.

If you have LabQuest 2, see this article.
If you have LabQuest 3, see this article.

There are two ways to delete files from the original LabQuest:

Option 1–Update LabQuest App and Delete All User-Created Files (Recommended)

Use the Delete-mydata.lqu, a LabQuest update file that is designed to delete all user-created data files (.qmbl) that have been saved to a LabQuest’s internal memory. This update will not affect stored lab instructions.
1. Download the file delete-mydata.lqu from
2. Copy the file to a USB thumb drive or SD drive.
3. Connect the USB/SD drive to a LabQuest.
4. Tap Home at the bottom of the LabQuest screen and choose Control Panel. Then, choose System Information.
5. Click “Update LabQuest”.
6. Click the USB drive or SD card icon.
7. Select the file “delete-mydata.lqu”.
8. Click “Update” to start the update. When prompted to install the update, select “Yes.”
9. When the update is complete, close the System Information window.

Option 2–Delete Individual Files
If you want to delete a few specific files on LabQuest, the best choice is to use the LabQuest Browser in Logger Pro:
1. Connect the LabQuest to a computer and start on the computer.
2. Choose LabQuest Browser > Delete from the File menu in Logger Pro. You will see a list of files on the LabQuest.
3. Select the files you want to remove. Click Delete.

Note: If the LabQuest has too many files for Logger Pro to display, you will have to use the tool on LabQuest to delete files. See Using the LabQuest Browser in Logger Pro reports and error communicating with LabQuest and disconnects