Logger Pro for Windows is available in many languages. Logger Pro for macOS is available only in English.

In Logger Pro 3.8.3 and above the program will automatically detect the language of the operating system that it is running on and run in that language. You can set the operating system language in the Control Panel (“Regions and Language” control) on a per user basis. Note that if the computer is running in a language that Logger Pro isn’t translated for, Logger Pro will run in English.

However, if you want to force the Logger Pro language to be something other than the operating system language, for instance, if you want to run Spanish on a English operating system computer, you can do that by modifying the shortcuts. To do that:
-Log in as administrator
-Right click on the Logger Pro shortcut (on either the desktop or start menu,)
-Select “properties.”
This will bring up a dialog.
-Add ‘ /lang=ES’ (without the quotes, but note the space) to the end of the field labeled target, so that the field reads something like:
“C:Long_Path_to_Logger_ProLoggerPro.exe” /lang=ES (with the double quotes.)
The default path to Logger Pro on 32-bit English installations is “Program FilesVernier SoftwareLogger Pro 3″ but note that on 64 bit machines ‘Program Files’ will be ‘Program Files (x86)’, and on OSes other than English ‘Program Files’ may be translated (“Programme” in German, for instance,) and if you install Logger Pro to a different directory than default, then the path can also be different.
-Press OK. (You may also have to press confirm.)

The following languages are supported as of 3.8.3 unless otherwise noted:
AR = Arabic
CS = Czech (added 3.8.4)
DA = Danish (added 3.8.6)
DE = German
EL = Greek (added 3.8.5)
EN = English
ES = Spanish
FI = Finnish (added 3.8.6)
FR = French
IT = Italian
JA = Japanese (added 3.10.1)
NL = Dutch (added 3.8.4)
PL = Polish (added 3.8.4)
PT = Portuguese
RU = Russian
SK = Slovak (added 3.12)
SV = Swedish (added 3.8.5)
TH = Thai (added
TR = Turkish (added 3.8.6)
UK = Ukrainian (added 3.14)

Logger Pro 3.8.4 and newer installers for Windows allow one to customize the desktop shortcuts for supported languages without resorting to the manual editing of the shortcuts. Simply rerun the installer and choose the Custom install to display the list of languages supported and select the ones you want.

Arabic, Russian, and other languages may require that you have additional character sets which may not be installed on your computer by default. XP (Arabic) in particular will refuse to install Logger Pro if the RTL (Right to Left) language library is not on the machine.

Logger Pro is also translated into Korean and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) but those are supported by a special installer that creates those icons automatically.

Changing the language of the shortcut will only change the language that the program starts in if you start it by clicking on that shortcut. If you want to change the language that the program starts in if you double click on a file, you need to go to the Windows command prompt while running as administrator, and then use the “ftype” command like so:
ftype LP3_cmbl_data_file=”C:Long_Path_to_Logger_ProLoggerPro.exe” “/lang=ES” “%1”
(Pay attention to the pathname again.) If you’ve modified the file associations since Logger Pro was installed then you’ll might need to set them again, with the “assoc” command:
assoc .cmbl=LP3_cmbl_data_file

Note that not all Logger Pro releases before 3.8.3 are considered to be “International releases.” Because of the time it once took to translate and test the international versions some versions prior to 3.8.3 were only released in English.

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