Follow the steps below to add a file of emission spectrum data to a graph:

  1. Measure the emission spectrum of a light source (spectrum tube, LED, etc).
  2. Click File and then choose Import From ► Logger Pro File…
  3. Find the Logger Pro 3 file that you wish to add and choose it. The data will be added to the current file, but it will not be plotted on the graph.
  4. Double click anywhere on the graph. In the Graph Options window, click the Axes Options tab at the top left corner of the window.
  5. Under Y-axis Columns, select the file you added and check the box next to Intensity.
  6. (Optional) If the two runs are in the same color, you can change the color of one of the runs by double clicking on the column heading (Intensity) in the table. The Table Options window will appear. Click on the Options tab and choose a new color for your data.

Note: Logger Pro 3 contains a folder with sample files of several spectrum tubes. To find this folder, go to File>Open>Sample Data>Physics>Gas Discharge Spectra. LP3.8.4 will have sample data for all the spectrum tubes we sell.

You can also download the files: