Melt Station (MLT-BTA)
Specifications and User Guide

– Primary Test:
Make sure you are using a current version of the software.
Software Requirements:
Logger Pro: 3.8.4 or newer
Logger Lite: 1.6 or newer
LabQuest App 1.5 or newer

Power the Melt Station using its AC adapter. Connect the Melt Station’s BTA plug to a data collection interface. Run the data collection software. The Melt Station should auto-ID and a reading of the approximate room temperature will be displayed. Turn the control dial on the Melt Station to any temperature setting, or Rapid Heat, and start the data collection. The temperature readings should increase.

– Secondary Test:
Power the Melt Station using its AC adapter. Turn the control dial to any temperature setting. If the Melt Station is working properly, the red LED will come on to indicate that the heating block is warming.

– order code: MLT-BTA
– 12-bit resolution: 0.10°C
– temperature range: ambient to 260°C
– accuracy: ±0.31 + 0.0006T, where T is the temperature in Celsius
– power: 24 VDC to unit, universal AC adapter 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz input
– power consumption: 40 W max., < .5 A @ 110 V – safety shut down: the heating block is automatically powered down after sixty minutes of use with no change in the control knob – viewing lens: 27 mm diameter (functional), 30 mm (actual) CALIBRATION – Calibrate? No. The temperature sensor embedded in the aluminum heating block of the Melt Station will never need to be calibrated. The sensor is carefully calibrated before it ships, and this unique calibration is stored on a smart chip in the sensor. Note: There is no method to perform a calibration of this sensor in any of our software programs.

The control knob on my Melt Station is loose. How can I tighten it?
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