There are three possible explanations:

  1. It was manufactured before 2008, which is when it became auto-id.
  2. If you are trying to use a Drop Counter with a LabPro, the Drop Counter will not auto-id. This is because the firmware in the LabPro pre-dates the digital auto-id function, and is true for all Drop Counters.
  3. The Drop Counter does auto-id properly with LabQuest or LabQuest Mini; however, it may be necessary to click File, New to orient the axes properly.
  4. If the Drop Counter does not auto-id it will not work directly with Graphical Analysis. Data may be read through a LabQuest 2 or LabQuest 3 using Data Sharing. 

In Logger Pro, all of these problems are easily fixed by opening an experiment file from the “Probes and Sensors” folder that uses the Drop Counter.