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Video Physics Troubleshooting and FAQs

For a quick reference on the features of Video Physics, tap the Help button on the main screen of the app.

Video Physics is available in the App Store.

TIL 4485: Can't alter default 1.0 m scale factor in Video Physics on iOS/iPadOS 13.
TIL 2309: What are the system requirements for Vernier Video Physics?
TIL 2290: How do I use Vernier Video Physics to analyze video recorded on a different device?
TIL 2337: Can I use Vernier Video Physics with my Dropbox account?
TIL 2293: When will Video Physics be available for Android?
TIL 2163: Do you have data-collection software available for mobile devices (iOS and Android - tablets and phones)?
TIL 2381: How can I share my Video Physics project on YouTube?
TIL 2452: Can I display your apps for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using a classroom projector?
TIL 2561: Can I purchase Vernier apps for iOS with an educational discount?
TIL 2979: Can I transfer a license of one of your iOS apps from one student to another?
TIL 2691: How do I export data from Video Physics to Logger Pro?
TIL 2790: What privacy permissions does Video Physics require?
TIL 3081: How do I use Video Physics with slow-motion video?
TIL 3218: Can I do image analysis with Video Physics for iPad?
TIL 3313: How can I get a refund for a Vernier app purchased from the App Store?
TIL 3312: How do I install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS?
TIL 3289: Video Physics: I updated to iOS 8 and now I cannot use the Share menu.
TIL 3325: Can I manually set the graph scale in Video Physics?
TIL 3326: (iPad) When I try to take a video in Video Physics, the image appears to be rotated.
TIL 3343: How can I delete points in Video Physics?
TIL 3469: How do I delete an experiment in Video Physics?
TIL 3532: Video Physics hides the tools and will not display them again.
TIL 4306: How do I export data from Video Physics to Graphical Analysis?
TIL 2185: How can I set the time of the first frame used for video analysis to zero?

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