To copy a graph from Logger Pro, select the graph and choose Copy from the Edit menu. In most applications, you can choose Paste from the Edit menu to insert your graph from the clipboard. With certain applications or system configurations, this may not work. Here are some other methods you can use to get a graph from Logger Pro into another document.

Using Windows:

1. Select and Copy the graph.
2. Open Paint.
3. Paste the graph.
4. Save the graph. (PNG or JPG is a good file type.)
5. In Google docs, choose Insert > Image and browse for the saved file.

If specifically using Windows 7, there is a program called “Snipping tool” which will allow you to highlight the graph and save it as a PNG or JPG directly.

Using Mac:

Screenshot method

1. Press Command-Shift-4 in combination.
2. Drag to select the area of the graph.
3. In Google docs, choose Insert > Image and browse for the saved file, which was automatically saved to your Desktop.

Using Preview app

1. Select the graph in Logger Pro and choose Copy from the Edit menu.
2. Go to your Applications folder and open Preview.
3. In Preview, choose New From Clipboard from the File menu. You should then see the graph in Preview.
4. Choose Export from the file menu.
5. Save the graph to your preferred location, such as the Desktop. (The PNG format is compatible with most applications.)
6. Insert the image into your document, using the preferred method for your destination application.

There is also a free utility called Skitch that enables you to make a screen capture, then drag-and-drop the screen capture into Google docs. Learn more at: