Logger Pro 3 and Logger Lite have had many different versions over the years. Vernier has added support for many new interfaces and Microsoft has released new versions of Windows. While there are versions of the software fully supporting Windows XP through Windows 10, earlier versions may not support newer operating systems and newer versions may not support older operating systems. Keep in mind that it is a free to upgrade Logger Pro 3 to the latest version and Logger Lite is free.

Sensors with order code ending in BTA or BTD, are not mentioned here. They usually have a minimum version as well, although they can often be made to work on older versions. Go Direct Sensors with order codes starting with GDX (with the exception of Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer (GDX-SVISPL)) do not work with Logger Pro or Logger Lite.

A chart of which version number of Logger Pro is recommended for each operating system is available on the FAQs on the following web page:

Here is a table of when support was added for various Windows operating systems and Vernier hardware.

Logger Pro

Version Features
3.1 Windows XP 32 bit
LabPro (USB and Serial)
TI-Graph Link
3.3 GoLink/GoTemp
OHAUS Scout Pro
3.4 GoMotion
3.4.5 Ocean Optics Spectrometers
Garmin GPS
3.5 Windows Vista, 32 bit
3.6 LabQuest (original)
3.7 Windows Vista, 64 bit (except with Ocean Optics, OHAUS, and TI-Graph Link)
3.8 Windows 7-32 bit for all devices
Windows 7-64 (except with Ocean Optics, OHAUS, and TI-Graph Link)
WattsUp (32 bit OSes only)
3.8.2 LabQuest Mini
SpectroVis Plus
3.8.3 64 bit OSes with Ocean Optics, OHAUS, WattsUp, and TI-Graph link.
3.8.5 LabQuest 2
3.8.6 Windows 8-32 and 64 bit for all devices.
Data Share Windows 8.1-32 and 64 bit for all devices.
3.10 Windows 10-32 and 64 bit for all devices.
3.11 LabQuest Stream via USB
Go Wireless Temp (Windows 10 only)
3.13 Go Direct SpectroVis Plus via USB
OHAUS Scout (OHS-123, OHS-222, OHS-422)
LabQuest Stream via Bluetooth
3.16.1 LabQuest 3

Logger Lite

Version Features
1.0 Windows XP 32 bit
1.3 LabPro (with the drivers installed separately 32 bit OSes only)
1.4 Windows Vista 32 bit
LabPro (without separate driver installation.) (32 bit OSes only)
LabQuest (32 bit OSes only)
1.5 Windows Vista, 64 bit
Windows 7 both 32 bit and 64 bit
LabQuest Mini
1.6 LabQuest 2
1.7 Windows 8 32 and 64 bit
Windows 8.1 32 and 64 bit
1.9 Windows 10-32 and 64 bit for all devices.
LabQuest Stream via USB
Go Wireless Temp (Windows 10 only)

Note: Logger Lite doesn’t support LABQUEST 3, GPS, OHAUS, MiniGC, any Spectrometers, WDSS, WattsUp, TI calculators, or serial ports. It does not support LabQuest Stream via Bluetooth. It also doesn’t support any digital sensors (order code ends in BTD) except for a Motion Detector.

Note: Windows XP 64 bit and Windows RT are not supported by any version of Logger Pro/Lite. Windows XP 64 bit may install but probably won’t talk to the hardware, but the software won’t install on Windows RT.