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My original LabQuest keeps rebooting, is stuck on a screen with text, or stuck on the LabQuest logo screen.

Original LabQuest
This information pertains to the original LabQuest.
If you have LabQuest 2, see LabQuest 2 FAQs

A LabQuest unit which reboots continuously or won't boot past the LabQuest logo screen may require a repair to the file system.

This sometimes happens after an unsuccessful attempt to update the LabQuest firmware. Occasionally, a unit gets stuck in a reboot loop, booting over and over, but never displaying the pinwheel launch screen.

The most common cause of updater issues is an error with the USB drive. See:
     TIL 1984: LabQuest Updater Fails with the message, "The USB THUMB DRIVE is not configured correctly."
     TIL 1782: My USB drive is not recognized by LabQuest. What can I do?

Occasionally, a device that has been in storage will get stuck on the LabQuest logo screen during startup. In this case, try resetting the unit before following the Recovery Instructions below. See:
TIL 1777: How do I reboot or reset a LabQuest?

Use the recovery instructions below if you experience one of the following:
     1. LabQuest update fails and the system does not come up at all.
     2. You see an error message and the update never advances past it.
     3. The unit is stuck in a reboot loop or on the LabQuest logo screen.

Recovery Instructions
1. Follow these detailed instructions to prepare your USB drive:
TIL 2493: What is the ideal way to prepare a USB thumb drive for updating original LabQuest?

2. Insert the USB drive into the USB port on LabQuest.
If the LabQuest unit is in a repeating boot loop, wait for the cycle to repeat, as it may recognize the new USB drive and complete the update.

3. If necessary, force the unit to use the USB drive to begin the update, using the Collect button method:
     a. With the USB drive in LabQuest, hold down the Collect button.
     b. Continue to hold down the Collect button, flip the LabQuest over, and press (then release) the reset button on the back of the unit. (The reset button is a little gray button located just below the stylus bay. You can use the stylus to press the reset button.)
     c. Release the Collect button when you see text on the screen.

     If using the Collect button method restores the unit, wait for the LabQuest app to load and reapply the update normally, following the steps at:
     (In other words, the Collect button method only updates the unit enough so that it can boot, but does not automatically perform the update.)

If LabQuest still is not working with these steps, we can usually repair the unit. Please contact Vernier Technical Support at 888.837.6437.

See also:
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