Unfortunately, Logger Pro just does not have angular measurement (R, theta) built into its Video Analysis and that makes it difficult to study rotational motion with it. This is especially true of the rotary motion goes past 360 degrees of motion.

We have two possible suggestions:

If you are just doing a rotation or two, you might be able to create a New Calculated column and use the X,Y coordinates to calculate angles.

If the rotary motion goes beyond 360 degrees of motion, this gets tricker. You might be able to make a New Manual Column, which you use to manually assign the number of rotations (0, 1,2). Then make a New Calculated Column which adds the theta you got in your calculations with the New Column, so the result is total amount rotated.

You also could consider using Tracker software. It is shareware and it
does video analysis of rotational motion better than Logger Pro. See: