You can display any of our apps for iOS via your classroom projector with a feature called video mirroring. You must have one of the following devices:
-iPhone 4S or newer
-iPad 2 or newer
-iPod touch 5th generation, running iOS 5 or later

To make the connection between the device and the classroom projector, you have the following options:

1. Apple TV
Apple TV supports AirPlay mirroring. If your projector has HDMI inputs, you can use an Apple TV to project the display of your device in the classroom.

For more information, see:

2. Apple Digital AV Adapter
The Apple Digital AV Adapter requires that the projector has HDMI inputs. For more information, see:

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

3. Mac or PC with a Third-Party Application
The following applications may allow you to use AirPlay in combination with a computer connected to a projector. This option allows you to connect to a projector that only supports VGA inputs.


4. Other
Additional third-party devices support AirPlay mirroring, including some with a VGA output. You may want to try shopping around for one that meets your needs.