NOTE: The 3rd-party electrode must have a BNC connector at the end of its cable to connect it to the Electrode Amplifier. Also, you’ll need to prepare two standard solutions of known concentrations to calibrate your electrode. The company that sold the electrode to you will have info about suitable standard solutions.

Please follow the steps below to calibrate your electrode.
1) Connect the electrode to the Electrode Amplifier. Connect the Electrode Amplifier to an interface (LabPro, LabQuest – any model , or Go! Link) and connect the interface to your computer. Run LoggerPro 3.
2) Place the electrode in one of the two standard solutions.
3) The software should display readings from the Electrode Amp in milliVolts (mV). If it does not, open the Experiment menu and choose Change Units -> mV.
4) Open the Experiment menu and choose Calibrate -> Electrode Amplifier.
5) In the calibration window, click on the button that says Calibrate Now.
6) Watch the potential, in V, displayed in the middle right of the calibrate window. When the potential stabilizes, type in the concentration of the standard under Reading 1 and click the Keep button.
7) Move the electrode to the 2nd standard solution, and repeat Step 6 for Reading 2.
8) Click Done. LoggerPro 3 will use this calibration for your experiment.