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How do I combine sensor data collected in different data sets or runs into one data set?

The design of Logger Pro 3 data collection is that data are locked and cannot be modified. This is useful in many cases, but in the case of aggregating multiple data sets into one, it can cause trouble.

There is a workaround that allows you to copy and paste the cells as needed.

1. In Logger Pro, choose Export As > CSV from the File menu.

2. Name the .csv file and choose OK.

3. Choose New from the File menu.

4. Choose Import From > CSV from the File menu and select your .csv file.

Now you can copy and paste cells from one column to another. You can also delete empty columns once you've copied the data.

Note: The instructions above assume that all the data is in the same Logger Pro file. For multiple files, export to CSV and open the files in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel). You can copy and paste to create one file and then import the master CSV back into Logger Pro 3.

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