The cuvettes we sell for our Colorimeter and the SpectroVis Plus are made of polystyrene, which can be damaged by many different types of liquid substances. Examples of common liquids that should NOT be poured into these cuvettes: ketones (acetone, 2-butanone), alkanes (hexanes, heptane), and highly concentrated acids or bases.

The cuvettes we sell for use with UV-VIS spectrometers are made of a proprietary plastic, but many of the same liquids can damage these cuvettes. A compatibility chart is available:

Alternately, please visit the website of a cuvette manufacturer such as BrandTech or Starna, which posts this information online.

You will need a 10 mm path length cuvette with a nominal volume of 3.5 mL. The width and length should be 10 mm. This is a standard 1 cm^2 cuvette. Many companies sell them. The Starna catalog number for these glass cuvettes is 1-G-10.