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What is the calibration information for the Gas Pressure Sensor?

The calibration information is dependent on the type of transducer used in the Gas Pressure Sensor and is provided in the Specifications and User Guide.

-The Gas Pressure Sensor was revised in October 2011 to include a new transducer which changes its calibration.
-The new values have a different slope and intercept.
-Some older software will incorrectly apply the slope-intercept calibration of the older model Gas Pressure Sensor. In most cases, a software update will fix the problem. Note that we will not have updated versions of legacy software such as CHEMBIO for original CBL.
-If you are unsure about the calibration for the GPS-BTA, you can determine which model you have by looking at the label. Only the new model has an registered trademark (R) on top of the caliper image.

For newer Gas Pressure Sensors (purchased after October 2011), the linear calibration equations are as follows:
kPa: slope = 51.71, intercept = -25.86
atm: slope = 0.5103, intercept = -0.247426
mm Hg: slope = 387.8, intercept = -188.044

For all other Gas Pressure Sensors, the linear calibration equations are as follows:
kPa: slope = 46.48, intercept =0
atm: slope = 0.4587, intercept = 0
mm Hg: slope = 348.63, intercept = 0

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