Logger Pro does not, by design, automatically create x and y acceleration columns for video analysis projects.

If you want to see acceleration data, you will need to create x and y acceleration columns from the position data columns, using standard methods for creation of calculated columns. Once acceleration columns exist, they can be graphed.

We chose not to create acceleration columns automatically because the quality of video analysis position data is not as high as analogous motion sensor data. Many videos have only a limited number of pixels, so that the position resolution is poor. When calculating derivatives, noise is amplified. Velocity calculations are acceptable, but the second derivative calculation is often unacceptably noisy.

With that caveat, you are free to create an acceleration column and graph as described above.

See also How do I adjust the number of points used in derivative calculations? Increasing the number of points used in derivative calculations can reduce noise, but it will increase temporal smearing.

See also the in-built tutorials in Logger Pro, for guidance on creating calculated columns.