Follow these steps to level the Vernier Projectile launcher:
Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)

1. Position the launcher on a flat surface, with the launch chamber positioned horizontally.
2. Place the level on top of the launch chamber.
     In newer units, the level is attached to the launch chamber already.
3. Loosen the lower knob on the back of the launcher, rotate the launch chamber until level, then secure the knob.
4. Loosen the upper knob on the back of the unit, rotate the angle markings until the zero marking is aligned with the center of the launch chamber, then secure the knob.

Now that you have aligned the angle markings, loosen the lower knob and adjust the launch chamber to the desired launch angle. Make sure the lower knob is secure when launching the projectile.

See the Specifications and User Guide for detailed, step-by-step photos of this procedure.

These instructions do not pertain to the Go Direct Projectile Launcher.
Go Direct® Projectile Launcher (GDX-PL)