This is the least common reason you may see an error similar to this. For the most common reason, see:
Logger Pro installer warns that Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software.

If the certificate store on a machine is sufficiently old and contains either expired or incompatible root certificates from VeriSign AND the machine is unconnected to the internet or otherwise is unable to contact Microsoft’s certificate server, our installers will throw a UAC (User Account Control) warning about unknown publisher even though they are signed installers.

One can take two paths in resolving this issue:

1) Simply ignore the warning and proceed with the installation. The installation will proceed normally and successfully install Logger Pro.


2) Provide an updated access to the root certificates by connecting the system to the internet.

The situation can be confirmed by inspecting the properties of our Windows installer and confirming our digital signature is in place and then performing one or more of the following: connecting the machine to the internet and re-running our installer, running Windows update (fully until no more important updates are available) and rerunning our install or by downloading and installing the root certificates from MS standalone and then rerunning our signed installer.