If the “Require Password” option is selected, LabQuest will always require a password when connecting to the LabQuest Viewer.

To turn off the password request, you should be able to just uncheck the Require Password checkbox. Note that the LabQuest does not allow the password to be blank, which can cause confusion.

It is not possible to remove the password from the LabQuest 2 password entry dialog. This dialog, which displays with an embedded keyboard, must contain at least one character, otherwise the Done button is not active.

To remove the password challenge, do the following:

-Cancel or close any open dialogs until you return to the Meter screen.
-Tap the WiFi icon at the bottom of the LabQuest screen.
-Tap the gear next to Viewer.
-Make sure the Require Password box is checked.
-Create a password with at least one character.
-Choose Done.
-Choose Apply. oYu should see a “Configuring LabQuest Viewer Service” for a few seconds.
-Tap the gear next to Viewer again.
-Uncheck the Require Password checkbox.
-Choose Apply.
-Choose Close.

Note: Reconnecting your LabQuest 2 with LabQuest Viewer 2.0 may be necessary if the password challenge is disabled while you are connected. See the LabQuest Viewer Help documentation for more information.