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How does LabQuest 2 compare to the original LabQuest?

LabQuest 2
This information pertains to LabQuest 2.
If you have an original LabQuest, see Original LabQuest Troubleshooting and FAQs (Full List)

This document is a list of things that are new or different in LabQuest 2 (vs. original LabQuest)

General changes for LabQuest support:

  • Use with touch (New) or stylus
  • New larger, high-resolution screen
  • New portrait views
  • New built-in connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
  • New built-in sensors (GPS, Accelerometers, Light)

LabQuest App Meter Screen

  • Terminology change to Duration instead of Length (Same as LQ 1.6)
  • New Option for Analog meters (v2.2.1 or newer)
  • New Added averaging of analog sensor reading on meters (v2.2.1 or newer)
  • New On board Internal Sensor documentation (v2.3.1 or newer)
  • New Portrait View

    • data-collection info box above meters
    • dialog layout changes to support portrait view
  • File Menu

    • View Lab Instruction moved to View menu
    • Plot Periodic Table Graph access moved to File - Open
    • New Print to File option for printing (v2.7 or newer)
    • New options to email data

      • Choose from Data file (qmbl), Graph only (pdf), text file (csv for excel), or screen shot (WISIWYG png of current LQ screen)
      • Enter e-mail address and up to three cc fields along with subject line
      • Requires internet Wi-Fi connectivity (Home | Connections | Network) and email configuration (Home | Connections | Email)
  • Sensors Menu

    • Simplified information on the Sensors set up page (launches MUCH faster)
    • New internal sensors (light, three axis accelerometers, gps)
    • New support for Go Wireless Sensors (v2.4 or newer)
    • Data-Collection Dialog

      • minor layout changes to avoid scrolling (when possible)
      • New full-screen keyboards (many are numeric/integer only)

LabQuest App Graph Screen

  • New examine buttons - similar to left and right arrow keys

    • use to move the examine point exactly where you want (when a finger tap is not accurate enough)
    • New allows you to adjust one edge of a selected region (defined by where you lifted your finger) for better control of region select
    • press and hold to scroll through the data

      • New will accelerate as you hold
  • New Portrait view features

    • Single Graph in Portrait View has more space for Plot details below the graph
    • Recommended for viewing two graphs

      • Graphs are about the same size as the original LabQuest
    • Plot details (tapping on info box) include a graph along with the details

      • New FFT shows data graph and FFT plots on same screen
  • Graph Menu

    • NewShow Graph - full-width graph option (for Landscape only)
  • Analyze Menu

    • New Advanced menu option

      • Includes FFT, Baseline Adjust, and Peak Integration
    • Curve fits (same as LQ-1.6)

      • includes Sine, Cosine, Cosine Squared and Gaussian

LabQuest App Table Screen

  • NewPortrait view recommended for looking at longer lists of data
  • New Tap in editable cell or Run name to launch keyboard

LabQuest App Lab Instructions Screen

  • View Lab Instructions option in View menu (previously in File menu)
  • New Portrait view recommended for looking at longer text in lab write up
  • Landscape view recommended for viewing data tables in the lab instructions

LabQuest App Notes Screen

  • Keyboard has Done button to dismiss to see more text

    • New relaunch keyboard by tapping in text entry area

Other Applications

  • Periodic Table App

    • Table renders only in Landscape View
    • Element details viewable in Portrait or Landscape
    • New graph button that launches a dialog explaining where you can find the periodic trends data
  • Power Amplifier

    • Renders in Landscape only
    • New AC/DC selection option
    • New Single control for setting AC or DC voltage
  • Audio Function Generator

    • Renders in Landscape only
  • Calculator

    • Found in Desktop | Accessories folder
    • Now a full-screen app
  • Sound Recorder

    • Found in Desktop | Accessories folder
  • Stopwatch

    • Found in Desktop | Accessories folder
    • Counts to 59:59.99 then starts over


  • LabQuest App no longer resized to show keyboard

    • New keyboards are full screen (except Table and Notes keyboards)
  • Some characters no longer available

    • Now only select superscript (1,2,3,4, +, -) & subscript (1,2,3)
    • Removed international vowels from English keyboard
    • Only select Greek characters
  • New simplified numeric keypad

    • For fields with number entries only
    • Require valid entries - some keys may seem unresponsive if pressing them would make the entry invalid (e.g., field that requires a positive integer - change sign and "e" key presses are ignored)

Panel at bottom of screen

  • Collect buttons only show when you are in the LabQuest App
  • Short cuts to keyboard and calculator have been removed
  • Time not shown in Portrait view

New Desktop

  • Home icon (or Home hard key) displays Desktop instead of Home menu

    • LabQuest App, Audio Function Generator, Periodic Table, Power amplifier
    • New folders to organize options

      • All folders have Home shortcut to take you back to Desktop
  • New Accessories folder

    • Calculator, Sound Recorder, and Stopwatch (previously Home menu)
  • New Connections folder (This folder was replaced with the Connections App in v2.1)

    • New Connection Information

      • Location where you can rename your LabQuest (previously Home | Control Panel | System Information - Device tab)
      • Shows status of Data Share, Viewer, Email and connection Host name (used for connecting to that LabQuest)
    • NewData Share / Graphical Analysis

      • Required to be On when lab groups want to monitor (and control) data collection on other devices (iPad, smart phones, etc.) using the web app or GA for iPad. (on by default)
      • Option to allow connected devices to start/stop data collection (on by default)
      • View device name and host name to facilitate connecting to the LabQuest
      • Requires Wi-Fi to be on and connected to a network
    • Network (previously in Home | Control Panel) for connecting via Wi-Fi

      • Internal Wi-Fi is off by default
      • Connect to available networks
      • New Create ad-hoc network
    • New Viewer

      • Required to be On when using Viewer Software (on by default)
      • Option to allow screen control from viewer software (on by default)
      • Option to require password to connect (off by default)
      • Option to specify a channel to assist in finding LabQuest
      • Option to change port (advanced network thing)
      • Allows you to use viewer through USB connection instead of via Wi-Fi
      • View device name and host name to facilitate connecting to the LabQuest
      • Requires Wi-Fi to be on and connected to a network or a connection via USB
    • New Email

      • Set up sending email via LabQuest (off by default)

        • Requires Wi-Fi to be on and connected to a network
  • New Preferences folder

    • Advanced Preferences (previously Home | Control Panel | Preferences)
    • Audio Settings (previously Home | Control Panel | Sound)

      • Newability to turn on sounds for hard key and power button presses
    • Light & Power (previously Home | Control Panel | Light & Power)

      • New High Contrast Mode to support viewing LabQuest in bright sunlight
    • New Orientation

      • Set LabQuest to auto-rotate screen (on by default)
      • Fix the screen in any one of four orientations
    • Printers (previously Home | Control Panel | Printers)
  • New System folder

    • System Information (previously Home | Control Panel | System Information)
    • Language (previously Home | Control Panel | System Information - Region tab)
    • Reboot (previously Home | Control Panel | Reboot)
    • NewShutdown - turns power off for long-term storage and power savings
    • Time & Date (previously Home | Control Panel | System Information)

      • New Set time zone
      • New Time set via GPS sensor (when activated)
    • Calibrate Screen (previously Home | Control Panel | Calibrate Screen)

Hard Keys

  • Collect (‣) - same as original LQ collect key

    • Starts and Stops LabQuest App data collection
    • LabQuest app must be the current application
  • Home - similar to original LQ home key

    • Launches Desktop from other applications or views
    • Dismisses Desktop when desktop is already displayed
    • New Press Home key during System Start launches screen calibration tool (screen prompts are displayed)
    • NewPress and hold for 5 seconds launches screen calibration tool (hidden feature explained in the Quick Start Guide)
  • Escape - similar to original LQ escape key

    • When in a desktop folder takes me back to the Desktop
    • When viewing an application (other than LabQuest), closes the app and takes you to then next opened app

      • LabQuest App does not close with escape key
      • If LabQuest App is not running, closing the last app will take you to the desktop
    • When viewing LabQuest App dialog, cancels the dialog without taking action

Power Button

  • Suspend / Resume (On / Off)

    • Short button press (~1 or 2 seconds)

      • All open applications are closed

        • Requires user to save or discard LabQuest data
      • Quickly relaunches app when turned back on
      • Recommended for daily use
  • New Shutdown (Minimal power state - only real time clock is on)

    • Press and hold power button until Shutdown message is displayed (~4seconds)

      • 10 second countdown allows you to cancel shutdown
      • Safely closes file system
      • System must boot when turned back on
      • No user interaction to save data (auto-recovery file automatically generated)
      • Recommend for long-term device storage and for minimal loss of battery-life when units are off
  • Reset (equivalent to original LQ reset button or a battery pull)

    • Press and hold power button until unit powers off (~8 seconds)

      • Only use if shutdown option is not available or fails
      • All data is lost (auto-recovery file not created)
      • NEVER recommended unless all other options fail
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