The LabQuest 2 file periodic_table_data.qmbl is automatically generated the first time you select to open a LabQuest file. Updates to the data from the Periodic Table App, like those found in LabQuest 2.1, will not be reflected in the file automatically.

To update the file, follow these steps…

1. Delete the old file
From the LabQuest App, tap File and choose Delete. Highlight periodic_table_data.qmbl, tap Delete, and then Tap Done.

2. Open the updated file
Tap File and choose Open. (This action recreates the file.) Highlight periodic_table_data.qmbl, then tap Open.

Note: In the original LabQuest, when you select Plot Periodic Table Graph from the File menu, you will get a file that matches the data found in the Periodic Table App on the LabQuest. Updating to the latest version of the LabQuest software will ensure you have the most up-to-date data.