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My LabQuest 2 locks up or is not identified when connected to a SpectroVis Plus.

In rare cases, a SpectroVis Plus or Go Direct SpectroVis Plus may lock up when used on a LabQuest 2, it may not be recognized, or it may give extremely erratic data. This is a USB compatibility issue that shows up between some SpectroVis Plus units and some LabQuest 2. The issue is frustrating because it may only appear intermittently.

Try the following:

1) Make sure you are using LabQuest software version 2.7.2 or newer. To find this, tap the Home icon, then tap System, then tap System Information. Free updates are available here:
2) Reboot the LabQuest 2. Tap on the home icon, tap System, tap Reboot.
3) If it is a Go Direct SpectroVis Plus, do not connect the AC power and remove the battery from the unit, unless all LEDs are illuminated see TIL 4091: My Go Direct SpectroVis Plus is not identified in software when connected by USB.
4) Try using a USB hub. If available, try using a powered USB hub.
5) Verify that the SpectroVis Plus can be used without incident on a computer or original LabQuest.
6) Try using a different LabQuest 2.

This issue is uncommon. If you need to use the SpectroVis Plus right away, using a powered USB hub is the simplest workaround.

If the problem persists, please contact Vernier Technical Support (email and provide the following details:

-LabQuest serial number (printed on the back of the LabQuest). For details, see the images in TIL 3085: How do I know if my LabQuest 2 will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?.
All LabQuest 2 hardware with serial numbers starting at or greater than SN15011601 should not have this issue.
-The model of spectrometer: SpectroVis Plus or Go Direct SpectroVis Plus. Include the serial number of the spectrometer.
-Software version of the LabQuest 2. To find this, tap the Home icon, then tap System, then tap System Information.

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