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Can I make a template for data collection on LabQuest?

Yes. Creating a custom file on LabQuest can help save time when setting up an activity that requires specific parameters. Follow these steps to do so:

a.Using Original LabQuest, order code LABQ or LabQuest 2, order code LABQ2, $329, connect sensor(s), alter data collection mode, rate, calibration, or duration based on the requirements of the experiment. You may also choose to make manual or calculated columns. Do not collect data.

b.Save the file to a USB Flash drive or SD card and name it.

c.Remove the USB drive or SD card.

d.Insert the USB drive or SD card in another LabQuest.

e.Select Open from the File menu. Tap the USB icon. Tap the file name and click Open to launch the file.

f.Once the file is open, choose Save as... from the File menu.

g.Save the file to the LabQuest. Collect data using this file.

h.Remove the USB flash drive or SD card.

Repeat for all LabQuest units.

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