When using the Time of Flight Pad with the Vernier Projectile Launcher or Go Direct Projectile Launcher, each successful launch that hits the pad will show 6 events (3 blocked and 3 unblocked) in the data table. If that is not happening, check the following:

– Make sure the ball is landing close to the center of the pad. Impacts near the edges may not be recorded.
– Verify your Projectile Launcher is recording velocity measurements as expected without the Time of Flight Pad connected.
– If your data collection software is set to end collection after a fixed number of events, be sure the number of events is at least 5 so you can capture the time the ball hits the pad.

The following pertains to the Vernier Projectile Launcher only.
Vernier Projectile Launcher (VPL)     – Be sure you have the Time of Flight Pad connected to the EXT. SWITCH or Accessories port on the Projectile Launcher.
     – Try using a LabQuest® Power Supply (LQ3-PS) with your Projectile Launcher.
          If the device works normally with an external power supply, the interface may not be providing enough power to the Launcher.
     – Verify the version of Time of Flight Pad you are using is REV 1 or newer.
          The revision number is marked with a label on the underside of the Time of Flight Pad.

If your TOF pad is still not functioning properly, contact Vernier for additional technical support.