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The Time of Flight pad sometimes fails to work.

When using the Time of Flight Pad with the Vernier Projectile Launcher or Go Direct Projectile Launcher, each successful launch that hits the pad will show 6 events (3 blocked and 3 unblocked) in the data table. If that is not happening, check the following:

- Make sure the ball is landing close to the center of the pad. Impacts near the edges may not be recorded.
- Verify your Projectile Launcher is recording velocity measurements as expected without the Time of Flight Pad connected.
- If your data collection software is set to end collection after a fixed number of events, be sure the number of events is at least 5 so you can capture the time the ball hits the pad.

The following pertains to the Vernier Projectile Launcher only.
Vernier Projectile Launcher, order code VPL, $389
     - Be sure you have the Time of Flight Pad connected to the EXT. SWITCH port on the Projectile Launcher.
     - Try using a LabQuest Power Supply with your Projectile Launcher.
          If the device works normally with an external power supply, the interface may not be providing enough power to the Launcher.
     - Verify the version of Time of Flight Pad you are using is REV 1 or newer.
          The revision number is marked with a label on the underside of the Time of Flight Pad.

If your TOF pad is still not functioning properly, contact Vernier for additional technical support.

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