TI-SmartView (v4.0 and older) does not have the latest version of EasyData (v2.4) preloaded in the software.

To update the software:
     1) Download EasyData v2.4 at www.vernier.com/easydata
     2) Open the TI-SmartView software for the TI-84 Plus.
     3) If you are using SmartView v4.0 or newer, select TI-84 Plus as your graphing calculator model (View > Graphing Calculator Model > TI-84 Plus).
     4) From the File menu, select Load File…
     5) Browse to the EasyData 2.4 file and select Open.
     6) When prompted, select to overwrite the existing EasyData software.

For information on getting the latest version of TI-SmartView, see Are updates to the TI-SmartView software free?

Note: For the TI-84 C calculator in TI-SmartView version 4.0, the correct version of EasyData (v4.0) is already preloaded. For the TI-84 CE calculator in TI-SmartView version 5.2, the correct version of Easy (v5.2) is already preloaded.