If the calibration screen does not respond to taps as described in:
      Why is my LabQuest 2 screen unresponsive or acting like I am tapping on the wrong spot?
try the following:

1) Press the escape hard key (this is the back arrow hard key next to the home key) to dismiss the calibration screen, then launch the calibration screen again by pressing and holding the home hard key. Now calibrate the screen.

2) If Step 1 fails, press the escape hard key to dismiss the calibration screen, then press and hold the power button until the shutdown message comes up. Allow the unit to shutdown. Turn the unit back on, watch for the text at the top of the screen “Press Home if screen calibration is needed” that appears about 50 seconds into the boot sequence. When it does, press the home hard key to request the calibration screen to come up. Now calibrate the screen.

3) If neither Steps 1 or 2 resolve the issue, contact Vernier Technical support for additional assistance.