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How do I deter student access to various settings in LabQuest 2?

There is a user preference in LabQuest 2 to deter student access to naming, network, and connections settings. This is not a true lockout. It simply removes the gear icons where access is normally found. It is simple to set up as there are no passwords; however, anyone can change the settings back to default.

From Advanced Preferences (Home > Preferences > Advanced Preferences), go to the Network tab. Tap on Connections app lockdown.

Lockdown mode has three settings:
0 - Full access to all settings
1 - Access to network settings only
2 - No access to any settings

Tap the Edit Preference button, choose the level of lockdown preferred, then tap OK.

To re-enable the gear icons, see:
TIL 3011: Why are there no gears on the LabQuest 2 Connections screen?

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