LabQuest support for Go Wireless sensors FAQs

Q: What LabQuest units can collect Go Wireless sensor data?
A: LabQuest 2 and LabQuest 3. However, some LabQuest 2 interfaces will require the Go Direct® Bluetooth® Adapter (GDX-RADIO), sold separately.

Q: Can I use Go Wireless sensors with my original LabQuest?
A: No, the original LabQuest is unable to collect data using Go Wireless sensors.

Q: Which model of LabQuest 2 will require the Go Wireless USB Radio?
A: LabQuest 2 units that are Model: LabQuest2 will require the external radio.
To determine which model of LabQuest you have, see How do I know if my LabQuest will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?

Q: Can I connect more than one Go Wireless sensor to my LabQuest via Bluetooth wireless technology?
A: Yes, you can connect up to three Go Wireless sensors. After connecting the first sensor, return to the Wireless Device Setup option in the Sensors menu to select additional sensors.

For iOS and Android support details, see Go Wireless Sensors - Computer, Tablet and Mobile Device Support Details