The most frequent cause of wires becoming detached from the KidWind Wind Turbine Generator with Wires (KW-GEN3) is stress on the connection. Repeated bending of the wire at the point where it is attached to the generator will cause wire breakage.

Those comfortable with soldering can simply cut the heat shrink tubing off the wires, strip the ends of the wires, and re-solder the connection.

Wire breakage can be mitigated with the following precautions:

  1. Avoid switching the generator out of the nacelle multiple times.
  2. When first installing generator in nacelle, bend both wires to one side and use a piece of tape to hold them to the generator. Bending them once should not break the wires, and the tape will be a reminder not to bend the wires again.
Generator wires bent to one side
Tape holding wires to generator

3. Avoid repeated pulling on the wires, and do not allow students to swing generators by the wires.

If the wires come off the wind turbine generator within the 1 year warranty period and you have taken the precautions outlined above, we will replace the generator for you. Please contact Vernier Technical Support at 888-837-6437 or