Follow these instructions to remove or replace a Go Wireless® 100 mAh Replacement Battery (GW-BAT-100), in your Go Wireless sensor. This procedure ONLY works for the GW-TEMP. Do not try replacing the battery in other GW products, PERMANENT DAMAGE can result. For other GW products, contact Technical Support to arrange a return so that our technicians can change out and test the unit.

Battery Removal Instructions

  1. Unscrew the end cap on the Go Wireless probe.
  2. Remove the end cap.
  3. Carefully slide the circuit board out of the probe housing.
  4. Carefully pull up on the battery connector to remove it from the circuit board.
  5. Please be sure to dispose of the old battery properly. To find a recycling center near you, see

Battery Replacement Instructions

  1. Follow the Battery Removal Instructions (above) to remove the dead battery.
  2. Press the new battery connector down onto the associated pin connector located on the circuit board.
  3. Carefully slide the circuit board into the probe housing. Verify wires are wrapped around the edge of the circuit board, as shown below.
  4. Place the end cap onto the probe housing, ensuring that the battery terminals meet the corresponding contacts on the board.
  5. With the end cap in place, secure with two screws.
  6. Test the new battery by pressing the button once on your Go Wireless probe and verifying the LED lights.