I am trying to install Logger Pro or Logger Lite and I get one of the following errors during setup initialization:
– Error extracting support files
– Error installing Ikernel.exe (0x any number)
– Access is denied
– Error loading Type Library/DLL

If you are using the downloadable installer from Vernier’s website, and it gives an error during the “extracting files” step, make sure that the download is complete: the Windows version should be 300+MB, and the Mac version is over 140 MB.

The first thing to try in this situation is deleting the file and downloading it again.

You also want to make sure you are running as administrator on the computer, (note that there may be multiple levels of “admin” and some of the levels are more restricted than others) You need to have write access to the temp directory, (most users do, but if %temp% has been remapped then you could have problems.)

However if all those are true, and you still can’t install, it is possible that downloading a zip file of the disk from us will install correctly. Once you have this zip file, right click on it and choose “Extract All…”, and unzip it to a logical location, then install from the resulting folder, don’t just double click on the zip file, (that will probably cause the same error as using the downloadable installer.)

Another symptom of a bad download is Windows Error 1335, identifying one or more files as corrupt. As above, delete the LoggerPro file and download it again.

Note that depending on the situation the extraction might fail with a large window that lists the command options for msiexec. That window will start with:
Windows ® Installer. V 5.0.18362.1

msiexec /Option [Optional Parameter]