If you are using a DIY kit, which requires you to build your own tower and base, follow these instructions to create a tower from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe.

Parts Needed
90° PVC fittings (4)
6″ PVC pipe sections (6)
PVC T-fittings; drill a small hole in one “T” (3)
24″ PVC pipe section (1)
Note: All PVC is 1″ diameter, schedule 40.


  1. Insert one 6″ piece of PVC into each of the 90º PVC fittings.
  2. Use each of the PVC Ts as a connector for two of the pieces you constructed in step one. When assembled, the pieces should form a straight line. The open ends of the Ts should be positioned parallel to the ground and facing each other.
  3. To construct the leg connector portion, insert the two remaining sections of 6″ PVC into the remaining PVC T-fitting so that the open end of the T is pointing upwards and the pipes form a straight line.
  4. To finish constructing the base of your tower, insert the open pipe ends of the leg connector portion into the open ends of the PVC T-fittings in the leg halves.
  5. Finally, insert the 24″ PVC pipe into the open and upwards-facing portion of the leg connector’s PVC T. Straighten all parts and make sure joints are secure.
  6. Fit the parts together without using glue. (PVC glue is really nasty stuff.) To make them fit snuggly, tap them together with a hammer or bang them on the floor once they are assembled.