The PLTW curriculum is designed to be used using a traditional Mac or Windows computer. For data-collection, the software that is required is Logger Pro. There are specific Experiment Files that students and teachers download from the PLTW server. These experiments are designed to work with Logger Pro.

You can find the computer specifications for the PLTW courses at the PLTW website. Note that PLTW specifically does not support Chromebooks at this time.

To use the PLTW curriculum, the recommended hardware/software combination is to use Logger Pro, a LabQuest Mini, and a computer (Mac or Windows). This will make implementing the PLTW curriculum at your school much easier.

It is possible to do some of the PLTW curriculum using a LabQuest 2 or LabQuest 3 in stand-alone mode. Students can then send data via Wi-Fi to Chromebooks, iOS devices (iPads), or Android devices. Please note that, as stated above, there are specific files that have been created by PLTW in Logger Pro that students will not be able to perform when using LabQuest 2 or LabQuest 3 as a standalone device to share data with a Chromebook, iOS, or Android device.

Please also note that the instructions for all PLTW courses are provided with instructions for Logger Pro. If you choose to use Chromebooks, iPads or Android tablets for your PLTW course, you will need to modify and write your own lab instructions for many of the exercises. Vernier can direct you to some of the appropriate activities and instructions that have been written for LabQuest App, but we do not yet have specific instructions for all the experiments that use Graphical Analysis app. To request an update when available, please complete the form below:

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