The video above walks you through how to make a cliphub using a KidWind Hub (KW-WTH3), wooden dowels, bulldog clips, and a hot glue gun. Making a cliphub allows students to test and try their blades at any angle and with any medium, and can quickly remove or “un-clip” blades to make adjustments.

There are many uses for the cliphub. It’s very useful in a walk-up blade making situation. Or for classrooms that have one KidWind turbine and one hub, but many students who want to test their blades. Simply have students make their blades (do not have them hot glue the dowel rods on the blades), then have them clip their blades the clip hub that’s mounted on the turbine. No need to remove the hub or unscrew the hub to adjust the dowels. Just clip on the blade material, adjust the pitch of the blade by holding onto the clips and turning, and you’re set to go!