If you have confirmed that your KidWind Mini Wind Turbine is incorrectly wired inside the nacelle, and you wish to repair it yourself, this is how we recommend making the repair.

Materials needed:
     flat head screwdriver
     hobby knife
     wire clippers
     marker or tape
     heat shrink wrap or sugru or electrical tape(optional)
     soldering iron

If necessary, remove the red blade set from the generator. It can be helpful to use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the blades away from the nacelle.

Check to see if the generator is wired incorrectly or possibly bad. Grasp the motor shaft in your fingertips and spin the shaft clockwise and counterclockwise. If the LED lights when the shaft spins counterclockwise, you do not need to do this repair. If the LED never lights, you may have a bad generator. Refer to How do I test a KidWind generator? to test this.

Remove the generator from the nacelle. This can be done by using a pliers to grip the generator shaft and pulling straight out while wiggling the generator slightly. This may not work if the generator is glued into the nacelle. In that case, we will send you new nacelles.

Remove the heat-shrink wrap from the wires with the hobby knife.

Remove the wires from the generator. It helps if you mark one of the connections to indicate where you will re-solder the wires, as the two terminals look very similar to each other without wires. Use a marker or some tape for the marking.

Strip about a centimeter of the insulation from the wires and twist the red leads together and the black leads together. If you are using heat-shrink wrap, add it to the wires now.

Solder the wires back onto the generator, using the mark you made to guide which terminal you solder which wire to.

Secure the wires with the heat-shrink wrap, electrical tape, or sugru. This step is optional.

Finally, replace the generator in the nacelle and replace the red blade set if you are using it.

If you have any questions about this procedure, contact Vernier Technical Support at support@vernier.com or 888-837-6437.