If the Energy Sensor seems to produce noisy readings proceed as follows:
1. Zero the Sensors on the VES while shorting out the Source terminals. Remove the short.
2. If connected to a wind turbine, try a more stable source like a battery or even a solar panel to see if the same kind of noise is seen. If the noise seems improved, then check to be sure that oversampling is switched on.
3. If the VES seems noisy when connected to a more stable source, then short the input and zero the sensors. Leave the shorting wire connected.
4. Collect data at 500 s/second for one second.
5. If the voltage fluctuates in steps of +/- 30 mV, that’s normal. If dramatically more than this, call Vernier Tech support for assistance.
6. If the current fluctuates in steps of +/- 1ma, that’s normal. If much higher call Vernier Tech support for assistance.
7. At such small and fluctuating voltages and currents the calculated resistance is not meaningful.