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The threaded posts from my Adjustable Two Foot Leveler cannot be fully inserted.

Some early production of the molded version of the Adjustable Two Foot Leveler, order code AL-VDS, $10 contain a flaw that prevents its assembly.

The part has a molded-in threaded insert. On some parts the insert is off center, and on others there is excess plastic so that the threaded post on the foot cannot be fully inserted.

The Leveler is included with the Combination 1.2 m Track/Optics Bench, order code TRACK, $129 and Combination 2.2 m Track/Optics Bench, order code TRACK-LONG, $239, among other items.

The possible bad dates for TRACK shipped from Vernier are June 27-Aug 4, 2014.

The TRACK-LONG shipped from Vernier would be dates June 18-Aug 4th, 2014.

The TRACK-LONG drop-shipped would be June 11-Aug 5th, 2014.

Not all parts are bad; test by assembling the Leveler. If it can be assembled, it will function.

If you have these flawed parts, contact Vernier to arrange an immediate replacement.

This issue does not apply to the all-metal version of the Leveler.

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