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Which Braille Embossers does Logger Pro Support?

An "Emboss Graph" option was added in Logger Pro version 3.8.7. This feature is only available on Windows.

The feature has been tested on only the following embossers:
* Emprint SpotDot Ink & Braille Embosser
* ViewPlus Cub Jr. Braille Embosser
* EmBraille25 Desktop Embosser

It is possible that it can work with other embossers, but no other models have been tested.

These embossers are all offered through ViewPlus at:
and work in a similar way. When embossing graphs, Logger Pro essentially prints as usual, allowing the user to choose a particular font (typically a Braille font) and to set the scaling. See the Accessibility page in Logger Pro Help for details and tips on getting the best embossed graphs.

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