The following digital imagers and digital microscopes that Vernier sells can be used with a Chromebook:

Celestron Digital Microscope Imagers (CS-DMI)
Celestron Digital Microscope Imagers (CS-5MP)
ProScope 5MP Microscope Camera (BD-PS-MC5UW)
USB Digital Microscope (BD-EDU-100)
ProScope HR Digital Microscope Kits (BD-HRB)
ProScope HR Digital Microscope Kits (BD-HR5B)

The native Camera app on Chrome OS may or may not work on the digital cameras listed above. IPEVO Visualizer is an app that tends to works well and should be used when using a Chromebook. You can get the app in the Chrome store. See the download link below.

To use your device with a Chromebook, launch the app and then connect the device to the USB port on the Chromebook. If you need to select the digital imager, click on the button just under the gear. Look in the top left corner of the app. You can then select the imager form a drop down list.