Here are some things to check

  • The Collect button in the DataQuest software will not activate until a sensor is detected. If you are using a sensor that does not auto-ID, manually set up the sensor for data collection.
  • A connected sensor may not be detected if the battery in your Lab Cradle is too low to support data collection. Check to see if your Lab Cradle is charged (Home > Settings > Status). If necessary, charge your Lab Cradle or use the Lab Cradle with an AC adapter.
  • Check to see if the electrical connections on the bottom of the calculator (where the calculator connects to the Lab Cradle) are dirty. You can use a pencil eraser to clean them.
  • If the problem persists, try resetting your Lab Cradle by pressing the reset button located above the trigger button. Note: It is necessary to remove the handheld from the Lab Cradle to gain access to the reset button.)

If you continue to have trouble, contact Vernier Technical Support (888-837-6437 or or Texas Instruments (1-800 TI CARES or for additional assistance.

Additional Information