The Collect button in the DataQuest software will not activate until a sensor is detected. A connected sensor may not be detected if the battery in your Lab Cradle is too low to support data collection. Check to see if your Lab Cradle is charged (Home > Settings > Status). If necessary, charge your Lab Cradle or use the Lab Cradle with an AC adapter.

Check to see if the electrical connections on the bottom of the calculator (where it connects to the Lab Cradle) are dirty. You can use an eraser to clean them.

If the problem persists, try resetting your Lab Cradle by pressing the reset button located above the trigger button. Note: It is necessary to remove the handheld from the Lab Cradle to gain access to the reset button.)

If you continue to have trouble, contact Vernier Technical Support at or Texas Instruments support at 1-800 TI CARES for additional assistance.

TI-Nspire Troubleshooting and FAQs