In Logger Pro 3.8.7 and 3.9 only, the software expects there to be column titles and expects the column titles to have straight quotation marks (“) at the beginning and end of each title. If the column titles do not have straight quotation marks or do not exist, the file will not import properly and no data will be displayed.

To use the csv file, open the .csv file in a text-editing application (not Numbers, Excel, or Open Office). Add column titles in the first row of data if necessary, and add quotation marks surrounding the column titles. If your default is curly quotes (left- and right-facing quotation marks, Unicode 0x201C and 0x201D) or any other type of quotation marks, you will need to change these to straight quotation marks (ASCII 0x0022). Re-save the file as a .csv file. Now import the .csv file into Logger Pro.

Alternatively, open the .csv file in a text-editing application and select all the data you plan to import. Use the Copy function to put the data onto the clipboard, then open a new file in Logger Pro and Paste the data into the Logger Pro data table.

The problem does not exist in later versions of Logger Pro such as version 3.14