Follow the steps below to calibrate a Go Wireless pH or Go Wireless electrode amplifier using Graphical Analysis GW.

1. Press the power button on the Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier to turn it on. The LED on the sensor will flash red.
2. Launch the Graphical Analysis GW app.
3. Tap Create Experiment, then select Wireless Sensors from the Select Source list.
4. Select your Go Wireless pH from the list of available sensors. When the sensor is paired with the software, the sensor LED will flash green.
5. Access the calibration screen on the app.
     iOS: Tap on the sensor meter on the bottom bar of the app and select Calibrate
     Android: Select Details from the overflow menu located on the action bar, then select Calibrate
6. Remove the storage bottle from the Go Wireless pH
7. Rinse the tip of the electrode with distilled water, pat dry
8. Place the electrode in the first buffer solution so the tip is immersed.
9. Once the voltage reading has stabilized,
     iOS: tap keep
     Android: tap Add in the box under the appropriate buffer pH. If you are using a buffer not shown, tap on the buffer value to change it.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 for an additional buffer solution.
     Android: you can use up to three buffers
11. Save to save to the amplifier.
     iOS: tap Apply
     Android: tap Save

Note: Specific manual calibration instructions are provided in the booklets that come with the sensor. They can also be viewed on the web at:

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