LabQuest can’t collect from Go! Devices at rates slower than two samples/hr. Go!Temp and Go!Link both have this issue.

If you try to collect at a slower rate it will collect a sample every 30 minutes for the desired number of points, and mislabel the times as if they’d been collected at the desired data rate. For instance, if you try to collect one sample per hour for 24 hours, you will end up with a table/graph with 25 points, with a time column that indicates 0, 1,…24 hours; but the collection will be finished in only 12 hours, and the point labeled “1 hour” will actually be collected at time 0.5 hours. As this can be confusing, the easy solution is to just collect at two samples/hr (or faster).

-Change the data collection rate to two or more samples per hour.
-Use a sensor plugged into the analog (CH1-3) ports.