This information pertains to LabQuest 2 and LabQuest 3.

The original LabQuest does not support this functionality.

First, make sure your LabQuest and Chromebook are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

On the LabQuest
     a) Open the Connections app
          LabQuest 2—Tap the Wi-Fi icon
          LabQuest 3—Tap the Connections App from the Settings screen
     b) Note the name of the LabQuest and the Data Sharing Source Address (IP address)

On the Chromebook
     a) Launch Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro App.
          If already running, select New Experiment from the File menu (upper-left icon)
     b) Click or tap “Data Sharing”
          If you have the Graphical Analysis Pro features unlocked, click or tap the Local tab.   
     c) Click or tap your LabQuest from the list of available devices
          If your LabQuest name is not in the list, select Specify Source and enter the IP address of your LabQuest.

– If there is data already collected on LabQuest, the data will be shown on Graphical Analysis.
– If the current LabQuest file has no data, the Graphical Analysis graph will be blank. In either case, the LabQuest name (or IP address) will appear in lower left corner of the Graphical Analysis screen.