Graphical Analysis App

Graphical Analysis App for Windows 4.0 and newer functions well on Windows 10. Released Graphical Analysis apps automatically prompt you that an update is available and lets you update from within the app; the latest current version is 4.3.

Logger Pro

Logger Pro versions 3.10.1 and newer functions well on Windows 10. Logger Pro v3.15 is the current release recommended for new installations on Windows 10, and is a free update to current Logger Pro 3 users available for download from our website.

Vernier Data Share (the web app provided by Data Sharing on LabQuest and Logger Pro platforms)

Testing with the newer Edge browser and other browsers on Windows 10 indicates that the web application works normally.

LabQuest Viewer 2.01

Testing shows that LabQuest Viewer works normally.

Graphical Analysis 3 (older desktop version) for Windows

Graphical Analysis for Windows functions normally in Windows 10.