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How do I change the rotary motion sensor to read clockwise rotation as positive?

In general, we do not recommend changing the setting on the Rotary Motion Sensor, order code RMV-BTD, $169 to "left-handed" as opposed to the conventional, "right-handed" orientation in which counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise) is measured as positive angle values. However, it can be done.

In Logger Pro:
1. Choose your interface from Sensor Setup in the Experiment Menu.
2. Click on the Rotary Motion Sensor and choose Calibrate from the menu.
3. In the Equation tab, make the Counts/rotation value negative (e.g. -360).
4. Click Apply, and then OK to exit the dialog box.

In LabQuest App:
1. On the meter screen, tap the meter and choose Calibrate...
2. In the Equation tab, change the value of X: from positive to negative (e.g. -360).
3. Tap OK.

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