This information pertains to LabQuest 2 and LabQuest 3.

The original LabQuest does not support this functionality.

The Print to File feature, found in LabQuest App version 2.7 or newer, allows you to save a PDF print file to a USB flash drive or micro SD card for printing at a later time. This enables you to print graphs, data tables, notes, lab instructions, and screenshots even if you don’t have a compatible printer connected to your LabQuest.

To use this feature, do the following:
1. Be sure your LabQuest App  version is 2.7 or newer.
2. Connect a micro SD card (LabQuest 2 only) or USB flash drive to your LabQuest.
3. Choose Print from the File menu and select the item you want to print (Graph, Table, etc.).
4. If your LabQuest has one or more printers already configured, tap the dropdown icon and select Print to File (PDF).
5. Update the header and footer information as desired then tap Print.
6. Take your flash drive or SD card to a computer with access to a printer and print the files.

Note: If you have both a USB flash drive and SD card connected to LabQuest 2, the PDF will automatically save to the USB flash drive. If you prefer to save to the SD card, remove the USB drive from the LabQuest before tapping Print (in Step 5).

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